10 Secrets to Successful Customer Engagement

10 Secrets to Successful Customer Engagement

Purchasing habits are continuously changing and evolving, as savvy, switched-on customers ourselves, we know that to build a brand and earn loyalty you need to create a sincere connection with your customers.  You need to engage with them!


What do we mean by customer engagement?

Customer engagement is the communication between your company and your customers, with the aim to nurture a relationship, increase awareness and create loyalty.


Why is it so important?

It will cost you less (a lot less) to retain an existing customer compared to the cost of acquiring a new customer.  Once you have a customer, it’s up to you to keep them engaged and re-purchasing.   Retaining a strong connection will increasing the lifetime value of each customer.

Happy, engaged customers are also likely to become brand ambassadors, who will take on the role of boosting your brand and introducing you to new customers.


10 Secret Tips for Creating Customer Engagement

  1. Know Your Audience
    First things first, you need to know exactly who you are engaging with.  What’s important to your customers, why do they choose you, what problem do you solve, what value do you give?   You can find this out using customer surveys, carrying out market research interviews, analysing customer reviews and creating buyer profiles.
  2. Be a Good Listener
    Now you know who you are connecting with, now you need to make sure you actively listen to them.  Use two-way communication tools that give your customers multiple options and opportunities to give you feedback.  Social media, online review systems and face to face research will all allow you to do this.
  3. Make Sure Your Brand Has a Strong Personality
    Giving your brand a strong personality and value makes it easier for your customer to make a genuine and long lasting connection with you.  This ethos and personality needs to shine through in whatever interaction you engage in.  Make sure your digital marketing, printed literature and direct marketing all share the same tone of voice and convey your core values.
  4. Create an Experience
    Experience marketing is a really effective way to create engagement.  Whether it’s a pop-up shop, an event, or a gorilla marketing stunt giving customer the opportunity to physically interact with your product/brand is one of the most successful ways to get customers excited and involved.
  5. Online Interactive Content
    Create interactive content to entice your customers to connect with you.  Draw customers in with relevant, interesting and fun digital marketing content.  Quizzes, tests, polls and games are all great examples of interactive online content.
  6. Offline Interactive Content
    Tangible literature enables multi-sensory engagement.  With so many different print finishes and effects on offer you can opt for something memorable that will get customer talking about your brand.  These innovative print products all create high levels of engagement; endless folding flyer (cool origami flyer that continuously folds), scratch cards, scratch & sniff print, pop-up flyers and web-keys that also directs customers to a digital resource.
  7. Tell Your Story
    A good story evokes emotions and builds bonds, make sure your story is identifiable for your target audience.  Video content is excellent for storytelling, and it’s an easy way to create engagement on social media platforms.
  8. Get Personal
    Including personalised content within your communications is a proven way to create engagement.  It could be a personalised landing page, tailored content with an email or personalised print within a direct mailer.  Be imaginative with the personalisation, avoid just adding in customer’s names.
  9. Encourage Trial
    Giving away something for free is a highly effective way to capture customers interest.  It could be a free product, a free trail or free samples.  Just make sure you use this opportunity to collect some valuable customer data in return for the freebie.
  10. Engage with Industry Influencers
    Influence marketing plays a key role in today’s digital world, find out who your industry influencers are and work with them to gain exposure for your product or service.


If you need help putting any of these ideas into practice contact us and we’ll get back to you with an easily implementable, action plan.



We’d also love to hear how you have applied your own engagement strategies and how these strategies have worked for you.  Please share your experiences in the comment section.

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