About Us

The BFG Group is a dynamic collection of companies which all combine to give our Customers a fantastic array of services to rely upon. We want all of our customers to enjoy working with us and thus we build strong relationships from the outset, and support them along the buying journey.

Nothing is too much trouble, we are here to help and we pride ourselves on providing an enjoyable customer experience. With the equipment we have, we can print to virtually any material and then use our automated cutting to make the finished product to whatever shape you want.


David Cordy


David has a flair for business, and an entreprenurial spirit. He is always looking, for Companies that he can bolt into existing Group Companies.

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Charles Henry

Managing Director

Charles has over 30 years experience in the print Industry and ran his own company for many years. Charles will always find a solution to production issues and overseas many aspects of the group companies.

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David King

Sales Director

David, again has over 25 years experience in print and other related companies. He is always seeking sales opportunities for the group the and Sales process.
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