Blackfish Group recognised for effort in fight against COVID-19

Blackfish Group recognised for effort in fight against COVID-19

We’re very honoured and proud to announce that The Blackfish Group has been recognised for its efforts in the fight against COVID-19.


Just four months ago, the Prime Minister gave a call to arms to UK manufacturers to help the country rise to the mounting challenge of the coronavirus pandemic by producing the ventilators needed to treat those suffering from Covid-19.


During that time, our team here at Blackfish worked around the clock to produce thousands of technical labels that were then applied to ventilators for the NHS.


The opportunity for Blackfish to play such a major role at this challenging time was thanks to an already well-established relationship with our client Penlon, who develop world-renowned medical devices.


When asked what this recognition meant to the group, David Cordy, Chairman of the Blackfish Group, said: “Whilst the country was undergoing the most challenging of times, the chance to be a trusted partner at the heart of this project gave the whole company a real sense of purpose.”


“I am very honoured and proud of The Blackfish Group for being involved in the fight against COVID-19 and cannot express my gratitude enough to you all our staff for pulling together during such trying times.”


Blackfish Certificate in fight against covidWant to know more? You can read our ‘Doing Our Bit To Help During The COVID-19 Pandemic’ article here (

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