Point of Sale Tips to Get Your Product Seen and Selected!

Point of Sale Tips to Get Your Product Seen and Selected!

We have all been to supermarkets and grocery stores and have walked up and down the store aisles several times to look for the right products.

With new products arriving to the market every day, the variety of products for customers to choose from is continuously increasing. This makes the selection process even more difficult for consumers.

Have you ever thought what makes a person pick one particular product from the numerous alternatives lying in front of them on the shelf?

Is it the brand reputation? Brand loyalty? The health factors; such as low calories, low sugar, gluten free etc.? Product name? Or the packaging?

According to retailers, marketing and sales specialists, the packaging of a product plays a key role in deciding the fate of a product; is it going to lie on the shelf waiting to be picked up or is it going to readily make its way to the customers’ trolleys.  Appearance really does mean a lot.

Whether you have just stepped in the business and want to develop a brand personality or are looking for ways to improve your brand image and sales, stop worrying because you have come to the right place.  Here, we have highlighted some Point of Sale secrets to ensure that your products fly off the store shelves.

Know Your Audience

The very first thing that decides the performance of your product in the market is how well you know your audience. Keeping your target audience in mind whilst making decisions regarding packaging is the key to success.  For example is your product targeted at children, young adults, health fanatics or the elderly and what it is they get attracted towards? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you to find out what it takes to stand out from the rest of the products that are also fighting for attention on the shelf.

You must know about the interests, attitudes, preferences and habits of your target audience to come up with great packaging!

Use Colours to Convey Your Message

Psychology of colours has been proved after years of studies and investigations and now it is a common knowledge that different colours affect human emotions differently.

For example, red is often used as an accent colour because it is said to stimulate
customers to make a quick decision. Yellow is an effective colour for
attracting attention and is thought to evoke feelings of joy and
happiness.  Green indicates safety and is often associated with nature whereas blue is said to symbolize trust and confidence and is generally a well accepted colour.

Firstly identify your product/brand’s values and the message you want to convey to your audience and then choose colours which reflect these emotions.

Use Pictures to Create an Impact

Remember the old adage saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Well in packaging terms it really is true!  Choosing the correct image can make the difference between your products success and failure.

Select your images wisely, images that depict the key customer benefit generally work well. Make sure the image is prominent within the packaging design, use images in combination with colours to gain customers’ attraction.

Focus On Developing a Personality

Overall, the main purpose is to develop a product’s personality. If your products are already in the market and they lack presence and personality, you may want to address this through in-store marketing by using Point of Sale Products. Products like hanging signs, display units, shelf wobblers, shelf strips can all prove effective in gaining customer’s attention.


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