Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography

Strong imagery is a really powerful tool.

The right image will create a connection, evoke emotions, define your brand values and showcase your offering.

Here at Blackfish we understand just how important photographs are for your business.  We offer professional studio and location photography, to provide you with clean, white background product shots and inspiring lifestyle imagery.

Planning a photo shootWe will help you define your requirements and transform this into a detailed photography brief.  This brief will include a detailed shot list so that you can be confident that you will get all the images you require.

Studio PhotographyOnce you have a photography brief we can identify if you need studio photography, location photography or a combination of both.  We have access to small and large studios and are happy to help find locations for your lifestyle images.

Models for PhotographyFeaturing people in your photography helps your audience to identify with your product/service.  These images also tend to generate more of an emotional response.

We can help you in selecting models that represents your target audience and we can book models on your behalf with various model agencies.

Photo Shoot PropsSets and props are a great way to tell a story through your images.  We can help you with  set design and creation as well as recommending and supplying props for the photo shoot.

Post ProductionOnce the shoot is done we will sit down with you to go through your contact sheets, then together we’ll identify the best images to progress.

The selected images will go through to post production editing where they will undergo any colour corrections, lighting adjustments and edits.  Clipping paths will also be added if necessary.

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