Exhibition Equipment

Exhibition Equipment

Don’t run out of time planning your next event.  Let us help you choose exhibition equipment that wins the attention of your audience and is the envy of other exhibitors.

We can help you select, design and print your exhibition equipment.  We always deliver on time and in budget!

  • Bespoke Displays
  • Counters
  • Display Stand
  • Display Stand Kit (stand, counter, lighting)
  • Flags Backdrops
  • I Pad/Tablet Stands
  • Light Boxes
  • Literature Holders
  • Promotional / Branded Clothing
  • Roller Banners
  • Shell Scheme Panels
  • Standees (Life Size Cut Outs)

Working with Us

We’ll plan, create and produce everything you need to achieve a winning exhibition booth.

We’d love to hear about your event, who’s hosting it, what you want to showcase, who you want to attract and what your key deadlines are.

Once we understand what you want to achieve we’ll be able to wow you with a range of exhibition ideas to maximise your presence and attract visitors to your stand.

Choosing the right exhibition equipment is a great start but if you want to make a big impact the key is to include top quality content on your equipment.  You typically have 5 seconds to make an impact at an event.  This means you need minimise text and use strong imagery to gain attention and make a connection.

Our experienced studio team can help you put together a wining stand design whilst our marketing team can help you create compelling copy.

With a 27,000 square foot printing facility and a team of highly knowledgeable printers we can produce your job to the highest quality within a short period of time.  Your exhibition equipment can be delivered to you or sent directly to your venue.

Get Help With Your Exhibition Equipment