Video Animation Services

Video Animation Services

Animated video content is a proven way to convey key information and tell your story.

Its dynamic nature is appealing, engaging and effective.  It provides an effortless way for your audience to absorb information.

Animated content is commonly used on infomercials, brand videos, social media and websites.  We offer the following video animation services:


  1. 2D Animation
    This traditional style of animation produces effective, two dimensional footage.  It works well for character based concepts.
  2. 3 D Animation
    A more complex process, that creates animation with a 3D perspective.
  3. Whiteboard Animation
    This minimalist style of animation removes all distractions for the audience, it is great for educational/informative content.
  4. Typography Animation
    A form of animation that simply applies motion to text. Ideal for presentations.
  5. Stop Motion Animation
    This is a frame by frame approach whereby the animator physically manipulates the object.  Popular for unpacking products.

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