Video Production Services

Video Production Services

Captivating video content is an integral part of your marketing mix, our Video Production Services take the hassle out of creating this kind of content!

Consumers are choosing to spend more time watching video content online, and are actively seeking out this content on social media channels.

Here at Blackfish we believe every business should be able to access video content.  Working together we’ll find a video format that’s right for you, your audience and your marketing budget.  You don’t even need to be a video expert to get started!

Our Video Production Services can be adapted to fit your needs.  We can manage your video project from start to finish, creating storyboards, filming and editing footage.  Or if you are a video pro you can just pick aspects of your project for us to help with.

The best planned videos are the most effective ones, and the best way to kick start start any video project is to create a storyboard.

We’ll sit down with you to find out what you want your video to convey, who you are targeting, where the video will be used and your approximate budget.  Then we’ll put together a detailed story board to show how the video will pan out and identify the footage requirements.

Once you know your video storyboard the next logical step is to secure a location, whether it be in a studio or on site.  We are happy to come with you to scope out possible locations, we’ll bring our camera with us so we can take some test shots to assess the suitability.

And roll…  On set bright and early, we’ll make sure everything is set up and ready for action.  We’ll bring the specific kit that is required for your shoot, including lighting, sound equipment as well as any props or sets.   All footage filmed in HD.

During the editing process we can trim, re-sequence, speed-up, slow-down and crop the footage.  We’ll add in effects, transitions, text, intros, ending sequences and add in chapters (if applicable) to ensure your video flows seamlessly.

We will happily edit footage we have taken or existing footage you already have.

Once editing is complete you will have a professional branded video to tell your story & boost your sales!

Once the editing is complete the next step is to add in the audio.  You can opt for a simple music track and/or a bespoke voice over.

Voice overs are a proven way of ensuring your audience receive the message you want to convey.   If you choose to include a voice over we can write the script, help you find a suitable voice over artist and arrange the recording.

Now you have this fab video you are going to want to leverage this resource to the max.  We can tweak the format, content and aspect, so that you have multiple video files to use on a full range of channels (websites, TV screens, digital advertising boards, social media, video brochures).

Video Content that Connects

Are you considering video content for your next marketing campaign?

Let’s talk about how our video production services can work for you.

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